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Testimonial #9

"Gayle has been an extremely competent and supportive attorney throughout the entire process of post-decree legal proceedings. I needed a Modification of Parenting Time that also turned into an Emergency Hearing - and mixed in there was a child support case. She handled my case with expertise. I felt that she really listened to me and what I felt was in the best interests of my children. She was sensitive to my past dealing with domestic violence and was patient in explaining how all of the motions and proceedings would work. She was always well prepared, very responsive if I had any questions or concerns, excellent in the courtroom, and put me at ease throughout the process. With Gayle, I was able to secure sole decision making, ensure that my children were kept safe, and finally have peace in our lives. When you are her client, you truly feel like your case matters. If you need a family law attorney, I wouldn't hesitate to hire Gayle!"

- Prior Client

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