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Testimonial #7

“I met with Kelley about an issue my husband was having with his ex-wife. Kelley could have really created a lot of work and drama, which would have only upset us more. She calmly suggested a course of action that made so much sense. We agreed, and Kelley got to work. She delivered what she promised on time, and the ex-wife complied. Kelley could have also charged a lot of money, but her fee was extremely reasonable.”

-Prior Client

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Testimonial #4

“Kelley did a wonderful job helping me navigate a difficult divorce. Her office did a good job keeping me as calm as possible and not over responding to my former partner and driving up the costs. She helped us find and amazing realtor that also kept a calm demeanor. I am happy with the outcome and the process.”

- Prior Client

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Testimonial #1

"After working with hundreds of divorce attorneys, I can say without hesitation that Kelley Rider Goodwin is an outstanding family law attorney. Her focus is firmly on her clients' futures, not on dwelling in the past. Kelley is passionate about helping families and children get through this difficult time in their lives with the least amount of animosity. Kelley skillfully explains the consequences of her client's decisions without increasing tensions and fueling conflict between parties. I highly recommend Kelley Rider Goodwin and her firm!"

- Gabriela Stear, Mediator

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