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Family Law Resource Bank

Part of our mission at Rider Goodwin Law is to empower our clients through education of the legal process as well as offering accessible legal resources to ensure that clients best address their own personal situations. Please browse through these topics to find out answers to common questions, explore some of the substantive areas of that fall under family law matters, and learn about other forms of alternative dispute resolution. Rider Goodwin Law is privileged enough to be involved in a phenomenal community of providers that range from mediators, to fellow attorneys, financial and self-help professionals, and more. We hope that you benefit from some of their knowledge!

Your Community Resources

The following resources cover a wide variety of topics from free things to do in Denver with your kids to personal self-care tips regarding how to handle different ages and stages of child development. It will also include a community spotlight for organizations in the Denver Metro area. Self-care is one of the most important activities to engage in during and after any kind of legal matter. These resources will help you keep the bigger picture in mind and hopefully aid in re-writing a new chapter in your life.