Bigger Picture Thinking? What's That?

One of our core values at Rider Goodwin Law is to help our clients and colleagues pause in the midst of the obligations to everything (or just lives in general)  and remember the bigger picture. Below are takeaways to assist alleviate the stress of whatever life may throw at you:

 1.   Repeat after me- "It's a marathon-not a sprint." Take your time! Go for that extra page of coloring and give yourself the time to step back and breathe. 

2. It's okay to ask for help.This may be the hardest thing to do of all, but it's okay to admit when you need help, especially when it comes to putting your mental health first. 

3. Set limits! You do not need to say yes to everyone and everything. 

4. Allocate Time to Think! Block off time on your calendar when you feel the most creative. Night owl? Early worm? Doesn't matter-do what is best for you. 

5. Actionable Items First! Have a goal? Pick the most actionable and approachable task to complete first. 

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