30 Ways for Kids to Use Up Energy-Without Leaving the House!

Summer break is in full swing! While enthusiastic kids are wonderful, after a week or two, their youthful and pent up energy can be daunting. Here is a great article that includes 30 Ways for Kids to Use Up Energy Without Leaving the House! Pent-up energy is frustrating for kids and exhausting for parents. With Summer ramping up, but this year, we're going to be prepared — and so are you! These 30 indoor activities aren't just boredom-busters; they're also guaranteed to expend some of that restless energy that you know your kids are full of. Just put away your breakables, and get started!With 30 creative indoor activities that aren't "boredom-busters"-all of these are guaranteed to get rid of some of the excess energy!

Here are some of our favorites: 

1. Re-Arrange your kids room! Task your children with giving their room a makeover.

2.  Have a rock painting party! 

3. Play Hide and Seek- a classic game that never gets old!

4. Write, Direct, and Produce a TV show! 

5. Go Camping- at home! Whether it's in the back yard, or in the middle of the living room, pull the tent out and get to "camping". 

6. Use Washi Tape to create a "Race-Track" on your floor for your kids to play with. 

7. Put on a neighborhood Fashion Show! 

8. Play Flashlight Tag! Turn off all the lights or play outside in the yard after dark.