How Do I Talk to My Child About the Manchester Attack?

As we all try to make sense of the attack on Manchester a lot of parents around the world are asking how and if we should be talking to our children about this. Should we try to shelter our children from information about the Manchester Attack?


Below you will find some really helpful information from Winston's Wish's (a charity for bereaved children) where their main advice is to not try to shelter and try to prevent your children from hearing about it. There are other kids at school and in your community who will have seen the news and will be talking about it. It is better to be able to have this difficult conversation with your children, so they can ask questions and be reassured.


How to Talk about Manchester: Tips from Winston Wishes

  • Talk to children using words they understand; give information to younger children a bit at a time
  • Try and encourage children to ask questions
  • Answer questions honestly and simply; talking about it won’t make it worse
  • Accept that some things can’t be ‘made better’
  • Show willingness to talk about difficult things and use this as an opportunity to reassure them
  • If children are asking questions, it is a good thing – it shows they trust you and it is better than keeping questions and worries to themselves
  • Remember that ‘super parents’ or ‘super teachers’ don’t exist. Just do and say what you can
  • Don’t be afraid to show children how you are feeling