Creating a Cell Phone Safety Plan for Victims of DV

Here are some tips from the National Network to End Domestic Violence and their tech safety department in regard to cell phone safety for victims! We are living in a world that is constantly changing and because of technology information is constantly being shared. The National Network to End Domestic Violence created an entire platform devoted to the topic which you can find here

  • If you have apps connected to online accounts on your cell phone, do not stay logged in. Log off after each use.
  • Turn off the Bluetooth on your cell phone when it is not in use.
  • Check your cell phone account every now and then through your wireless carrier’s website to ensure that you know all the features that are running on your phone.
  • Run anti-virus and security software on your phone. Some software will even list all the programs that are running on your phone.
  • Avoid purchasing a “jail-broken” iPhone or “jail-breaking” your iPhone (removing the manufacturer and carrier’s restrictions) since these phones are much  more vulnerable to spyware and malware.


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