Grandparents 101

Grandparents and grandchildren get along so well because they have a common enemy

Grandparents add amazing gifts to children’s lives and are special every day, but we are glad that there is a special day set aside to recognize how important they are.  This year, National Grandparents’ Day is Sunday, September 10. 

Not only is it important to celebrate the important gifts that grandparents provide, but it is necessary to recognize some insecurities that they may have about their role, which may feel as though they are battling against the parents. 

Here is some advice for that best friend (wink, wink) that is always complaining about the grandparents:

1.      Take a step back and breath.  Grandparents want to know that they are valued and are a special and an invaluable piece of your child’s life.  Providing affirmations, even for the smallest of things and gestures, goes a long way. 

2.      Listen and find the takeaway.  You don’t have to like or do every suggestion that a grandparent provides; they just want to share what they have learned along the way. 

3.      R-E-S-P-E-C-T.  Let’s be honest: they have done this before, regardless of how you feel they did.  They do deserve respect.  


Even though you may feel as though you are the enemy and ganged up upon, the best grandparent-grandchild relationships come when the parents act as matchmakers: They set the stage for success, bring the two parties together, and then step back and give them the space they need to get to know each other.

Grandparents are so important that if your child doesn't have any, you should adopt some. Older aunts, family friends, and retired neighbors can fill in this important piece in your child’s life.