How to Combat Back to School Anxiety

August is coming to an end and the new school year is right around the corner. For some teens, that means academic stress, athletic competition, and social pressures are as well. Sometimes these pressures manifest in anxiety for teens, here are some helpful tips to combat those back to school anxious feelings.

1. Get prepared! Like any new activity, a new school year is always easier when you’re prepared for it. Get your teen's class schedule in advance so they know exactly what to expect that first day. Make sure they are prepped with all the supplies. 

2. Make a schedule and stick with it. For many with depression – teens and adults alike – mornings can be tough. Setting a morning schedule that includes basic self-care like exercise or stretching, meditation or reflection, a healthy breakfast and social interaction with family and loved ones, can make a new day (or new school year) seem a bit less intimidating. Planning ahead can make each day feel a bit easier to handle.

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