Toddlers and Their Holiday Fears

You trimmed the tree and decked the halls, the living room, and the kitchen and all of a sudden you have a completely new house for Christmas.While the holiday cheer is here, your home may feel way less familiar to your toddler, this quickly becomes overwhelming. Here are some tips to help your toddler adjust to the holidays! 

  • How to Introduce a Toddler to all the strangers this holiday season: Make a scrapbook of family photos and enjoy it with your child in the weeks leading up to the holidays so he can learn relatives' names and faces beforehand. Sharing old stories can also help familiarize him with family members. 
  • Unwrapping A New Toy: Choose presents thoughtfully (ask yourself: does my child like loud, over-the-top playthings or soft, quiet ones?) and don't give more than three gifts in a sitting. Keep in mind that for a very young child, crinkling the wrapping paper--rather than actually playing with the toy--may be enough excitement for the time being.


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