"Mom" Approved Toys for Travelling This Holiday Season:

If you are flying with those little ones, then you know the dreaded feeling if the iPad gets to low. The right toys can help keep your children happy (and you sane!) during those lengthy flights or drives. 

Mudpuppy Puzzle to Go, $11, Amazon
These cute 36-piece puzzles come in soft, packable pouches. They’re big enough to be interesting, but small enough fit onto an airplane tray. And the design options—including a map of the United States and animals of the world—mean your kids might even learn something en route.

Kid O Magnatab, $23, Amazon
A great toy for fiddly fingers. Draw pictures by using the magnetic pen to pop beads to the surface of the tablet; it’s so satisfying to snap them back in with a fingertip. If you lose the stylus, you can buy a new one for a few dollars. There are letter and number versions, too.

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