Meaningful Holiday Traditions

Get inspired with these great ideas for creating memories with your family this holiday season.

  • Get grateful, create a thankful bucket! Cut strips of holiday paper in a bowl, and anyone can add their thoughts into the bucket. Read them out loud at dinner!
  • Time Capsule Ornament! Ask the kids to write down their favorite things to do and record their ages. Roll small pieces of paper up and tie them into the ornament, save them for the first year they move into their own homes. They'll get to open up the ornament and peek and the notes inside.
  • Make a post holiday scrap book! Round up all of the special pictures that were taken and create a scrapbook. You can upload your pictures to a variety of websites and create a photo book or you can create your own by hand. Make sure the kids share their favorite part of the holiday and include it in the book. 

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