Help Your Kids Avoid Holiday Meltdowns

The greatest holiday pitfall for your child is over stimulation: Too much of a good thing is an almost sure bet this time of year. You know your child best and how much they can happily handle during the holiday season. If your child becomes over stressed, try these tips: 

  • Take them out for a walk or a ride in the stroller. Even in cold weather, a breath of fresh air and a change of scenery will help both of you.
  • Take your child aside to a quiet corner and look at a book together. Choose one of their favorites-but skip the holiday stories to give him a break.
  • Give your child a long, warm bath. 
  • Put your little one down for a nap. It may take them longer than usual to unwind, but it will give  the escape that they need from all the excitement.
  • If you're the one who's stressed out, let someone else take care of your youngster for an hour or two. Trading off with a neighbor who has a child of a similar age will give both of you a break.

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