5 Steps to Safer Car

From school drop-offs to carpooling, your car is probably a huge part of your daily life. Our five tips can help make your ride safer. 

1. Use a child restraint that fits your kid and your car.
Your child should ride in a rear-facing car seat from birth until age 2, a forward-facing seat with a harness until she can no longer fit in it, and a booster seat until she reaches 4’9”. Check your owner’s manual to make sure you’ve picked a spot in the back that can safely accommodate a car seat.

2. Ready, set, purge!
Items left loose in the back seat—water bottles, the diaper bag, garbage—could hit your kids hard in the event of an accident. Store them in a console or in the trunk.

3. Snack carefully.
The bumpy motion of a car ride can push too much food down a little throat when your attention is on the road instead of on your child. There should be no snacking in the car unless there’s an adult in the backseat.

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